Fat Smack

Fat Smack is a novel product designed by Purus Labs ahering to the established guidelines of Purus in terms of including only those ingredients that have been reported to have favorable outcomes, in relation to weight/fat loss, in human subjects via oral ingestion and including them at the exact dosages proven efficacious in the research. Fat Smack™ contains a unique blend of ingredients, each carefully selected for their potential impact on weight/fat loss related variables, as opposed to a wash-list proprietary blend of unsubstantiated materials. If just a few ingredients can be identified as potentially efficacious in terms of the desired outcome measures (which is indeed the case when reviewing the scientific literature), then why not simply include only those potent few ingredients at the correct dosages as opposed to adding tons of “window dressing” for marketability? This is exactly the principle logic fueling PURUS LAB®, brevity and precision. The text below outlines the ingredients used within Fat Smack™, while providing a brief summary of the rationale for use.

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